The Yawp Chronicles

When six professional musicians got together in Brooklyn, the result was the exciting, genre-transcending sound of Barbaric Yawp. The original compositions combine orchestrated sections reminiscent of big band swing and funk, the looseness and freedom of a jazz quartet, the funky sweet sound of soul, and bebop style unison lines all delivered with barbaric doses of blues and rock.  In the words of Relix magazine's June 2014 issue: "The quartet has developed excellent chemistry over the last two years, and the copious interplay and improvisation between the musicians always keeps the live shows interesting and electrifying."

Barbaric Yawp began as a trio in the summer of 2011 with Peter Fabrizio on vocals and guitar, Cesare Papetti on drums, and Ray Cetta on bass.  In 2014 Dan Cooper replaced Ray on bass, and saxophonist Scott Hoefling joined the group.  It was this Barbaric Yawp lineup that went into Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn in early 2015 to record the first Yawp album, Listen.  This debut album was released on October 30, 2015 as Barbaric Yawp hosted their first record release party at New York's oldest rock club: The Bitter End.

Barbaric Yawp has since added vocalists Emily Searles and Audrey Anjos and is back in the studio to record their second album.

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